Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Decorating in the Dining Room

My dining room table is very simple right now,
 just four place mats with the fall colors in them,
 some amber moon and stars glass,
 brown and white transfer ware plates,
 a carved wooden bowl,
 a white pumpkin,
 and two cement artichokes.     

I took a couple more pictures of the table from different angles.


My pie safe is ready for the fall season.

This is what it looks like when the lights come on.

I have this little Halloween tree on the kids table.
They like to change it around.
The owl is an old vintage one, I put a string of lights in it to make the orange eyes glow.

I have kept it pretty simple in here for now,
 after Halloween,
 I'll be breaking out the Thanksgiving dishes!

Have you decorated yet??

More later........................Sally

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Yes I've Been Decorating Again

I have all my fall decorating done!

I can't take a good picture, so I'm just going to show you these bad ones.  

I hope you don't mind.  

I am going to show you the family room first.  


My goat wagon filled with antlers, pumpkins, gourds, a small afghan and an old mirrored lampshade.

A closer shot of the goat wagon.

A crow and a couple of crow heads with some bittersweet, an apple pie candle, and a crock filled with candy corn.

I love the little witches hat with the peacock feathers!

Ha Ha!

 I caught Large in the background trying to figure out our new smoke detectors!! 

I snuck in another little mummy.

What do you think?

More later.......................Sally

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rug Cleaning

Today we are cleaning our rugs!

I'm not going to have a Saturday off for a while, so we have got to get it done.

Just the two biggest ones, can't wait to see the finished result.

The power washer comes in mighty handy for this!!

When we are done, I am going to decorate this patio.

I will post pictures of that very soon!!!

More later......................Sally

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dinning Room Decorating for Summer

Just a quick post to show you what my dinning room looks like after I have taken down my 4th of July decorations for the year.

I brought out blues of all hues and a little touch of orange!
These are some shells and sea glass that I have found in my travels to the beach.

I found this little blue lady at a garage sale a few years ago.
I think she looks like she is in the Bahamas in an innertube floating the day away.

Just some fun summer accessories and blue glass.

I love the different colors of blue and a touch of orange in the napkins.

I added three table cloths to the basket under the pie safe.

 What do you think???
More later..............Sally

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pantry Reveal

This is what the outside of the pantry looks like.
It's hard to get a very good picture here, as you can tell!
I bought an old door and Large changed the door knob over to the other side and put it on a swivel so that it swings back and forth.
Of course, you have to have a chandelier in the pantry.
The light switch in here is motion censored, so when you walk in, the lights pop on!
It is awesome!! 
I thought I would try to show you a better picture of this old door.

The door swings, so you don't have to turn the handle and open it and also it will stay locked back against the wall when you are using the pantry a lot. 
A peek through the door.
Now, on to the dishes!
I have most of my old and some new crocks and bowls on the top shelf.
Then my collection of creamers and small pitchers.
Below that is jadite, my favorite.
 Here is a much better picture of the jadite.
On the shelf below the jadite is a miscellaneous bunch of Pyrex bowls.
I have a shelf dedicated to glass ware.
On around the corner.
Some Pyrex bowls and I am starting to collect the bubble dishes.
I also have some cabbage dishes that are very nice to put salads in.
Then the last side of shelves.
How do you like my light on this side of the pantry?
The china dishes in this picture are from the Methodist church in Winston, the town I grew up in, very cool.
 On down the shelves on this end are more Pyrex bowls, then a few vintage pitcher and glass sets . 
There is a bit of moon and stars canisters and dishes that I bought at my grandmas auction.
 I also have a few delphite dishes, which I love.
Aaahhhh! My fiesta ware!!!!
We ate at my Grandma Stoup's house every Sunday after church off of fiesta ware.
My cousins and my brothers and I would fight over the cobalt blue dinner plate every week!
Every time I look at these dishes I can taste her roast beef, mashed potatoes and her gravy was the best!!
I also have a small collection of cake stands.

And a few cookbooks.
Some from Paula Deen, Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, The Farms Chicks, Gooseberry Patch, and Susan Branch.
This little red cart is on the other wall.
I have all of the things we need for drinks on it.

I love to change this room around, so I'm sure you'll be seeing it again.


More later...............................Sally

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

I thought I would show you how the guest room is decorated for this holiday.

I am loving the vintage sheets and bed cover!!
My granddaughter number 2, Gracyn, helped me decorate in here.
She calls this her room!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!!!
God Bless

More later.................Sally
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